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A Little History About Me, Please Read! I’m an on-line Successful  Entrepreneur For Many Years and Have a Keen Sense of  Instinct Towards the Home Based Income Opportunities That I am Involved With. I am Proud to Have Discovered GVO Web Hosting Services That are Hosting My Wonderful Created Website Here. However Unlike the Big Gurus, I am Keeping a Low Profile of My Success.

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 As From; January 2017 & Onward!

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Has Regained Confidence Carefully Towards the Below Online Niches!

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My Carefully Chosen Online Income Opportunities Involve the Below;

> Network Marketing!

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> MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) !

> I am Much More Careful & Selective Now!

“Reg. Income VS Residual Income”

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I Read Somewhere That 82% of Smartphone Users Check Their Emails!?

42% of Subscribers Delete Emails That Don’t Display Correctly on Their Mobile Phones.

41% of All Emails are Opened on a mobile device, Really!?

And 25% of Online Marketers Optimize Their Emails For Smartphones. Really!?

Serious Online Homebased Entrepreneurs & Marketers ONLY use their PC (Personal Computers) to Run & Maintain Their Websites & Run Online Marketing Campaigns Using PCs.

You Can NOT do This on a Smartphone! There is NO WAY you can Really do Online Business on a Screen That is 3″ by 3″ Proximate SMALL ~ Seriously!

This is Why MFnet1 Enterprises Only Uses the PC to Run & Maintain My Website Here as is Pictured Below. And to Check my Emails Included.


Another Reason I Dislike Smartphones & I do Agree With Their Explanations Towards Smartphones, Review Below;

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– Bring Back the 1990’s Cell Phones!

1990's Cell Phones

These Cell Phone Were the TRUE Mobile Communication Phones!

! With NO Internet Access !

! NO Social Media Access !

! NO Download of Over a Dozen Apps !

! No Need to Spending HOURS Checking Your Social Media Status  & Downloading Another Dozen More Apps & Furthermore Maintaining Them !  


My Online Identity I go by is MFnet1 Enterprises, & is a


and I am


a Proud Canadian. My Home City is

Canada’s Capital Region of Ottawa Ontario.

Some Interesting NEWS Regarding  Ottawa Ontario;

According to the FinancialWord.com ~ The 10 Best Cities to Retire Within Canada, Ottawa Ontario Ranked in #6 Out of 10!

{ Article Published as From; Monday/09/12th/2016! }

To Read This Article, Click Below;

Suppermoon Over Ottawa Ontario EveningThe Supermoon Rises over the Peace Tower on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill Ottawa Ontario Canada as From;  Saturday-Evening /08/09th/2014 !


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GetFreeStuffandCash.com is Not a Popular Website Blog – Yet! But Someday in the Future This Website Blog Here Will Receive Well over 10,000 Visits per Month, Then per Week, Then Daily.

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And For Mine as Well.

Some Interesting Facts & Timeline Towards the Creation of the WWW or as it is Known Today as the Internet. Very Interesting

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Also Just to Let You Know, MFnet1 Enterprises

is Not Interested in the Below Accounts of;

It is My Personal Preference.


My Own Personal Opinion Towards;



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Also There are MILLIONS Upon MILLIONS of

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That Does NOT Mean Anything!     Oh, oh, My Shotgun went Off…

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Furthermore if I Were Seeking Employment, NO Employer Can do A Negative Social Search on Me, Because I Don’t Have Any Social Status or Memberships Whatsoever! Just to Let You Know.  




But However Use

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Proof ; A Yahoo! News Canada, News Item Published as

From; Tuesday/10/08th/2013! Be Cautions & Aware!

~ Assume Your Being Spied Upon ~ 

Please Click on the Yellow Caution Above & Review!

{ Applicable to Canadians! }

Another Further Update Towards Social Media;

Social Media is Tracking You!


Facebook: 154 trackers  / LinkedIn: 18 trackers

Members of Instagram Which is Owned by Facebook & Facebook Members & also Including Twitter Members be WARNED. If Your Suspected of Wrongdoing Even in Suspicion of  Wrongdoing. LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) are Routinely Searching & Spying on Members Accounts!


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Dwayne (The Rock) Jahnson ~ Testimonial

 Discovered Quite Recently That

DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON  Became a Canadian

Citizen in 2009 & Inherited His Canadian Citizenship  

Thanks to His Father For Being Born in Canada .

Earlier in His Pro Wrestling Career,  Then Retiring From

Wrestling & Then Becoming a Very Successful Hollywood 

Actor.  He Indicated ~ “Believe in Optimism” ! 

” You Can Achieve Anything! “


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Is Located Within the BC Canada MST Time Zone Below;

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