How to Make Free Money Online in Any County

How to Make Free Money Online in Any County

This article is geared towards those folks that would like to make free money online in any county.  Basically, this is a how-to on making money online no matter where you are.  The main thing of concern in this article is how to do it for free.  There are a couple ways or patterns to follow to bring total profit into your account.  These ways are to become an affiliate and to bum market.  Hopefully they will help you make free money online in any county.

To become an affiliate, you sign up at different websites (authors tag), for free, to promote their products.  These products will be something like an ebook, forum membership, or to become a member of a website.  Your job as an affiliate is to do research on those products and promote them.  This research you do is always free, unless you buy the product.  You will check out different items to find out information about the product.  This can be done on the product homepage, through Google, on Wikipedia, or any other informational resource.  Of course, if you do decide to buy the product, that will serve as the best piece of information because you can do a review page from your own perspective.  But that will cost money and we are concentrating on making free money online.  Once you have the research done the next step is to promote it.  Ways to promote include article writing (free), squidoo lens (free), build a webpage (not free), pay-per-click (not free), and USfreeAds (free).  All of these forms will help you get the product out to the public and allow you to make money online.

The second free method to make free money online in any county is to bum market.  This is the idea of marketing in a way that even a bum can do it.  Travis Sago and his wife coined this idea of marketing the bum marketing method.  There are a couple steps to do it the bum marketing way.  The first one is to sign up as an affiliate at the different websites (authors tag).  Once you sign up as an affiliate you can look over all the different products that are available.  Then you do research on those different products until you figure out which one you want to promote.  Next, you create article after article after article.  The more articles that you can create, the more promotions you can do for the product.  Then you will also create either a webpage (cost money) or sign up at squidoo and create a free page.  These free pages at squidoo are called lenses.  Once you create a lens you have a place to link your articles to.  The purpose of the lens is that now you have a place to put your affiliate links and you can send people over to buy the products.  To sum up the steps involved with the bum market method you:  become an affiliate, research and pick a product, create articles and lenses to promote that product, put your links on a webpage or on a squidoo lens that goes to the product.

Hopefully these two ways will allow you to make free money online in any county.  These are examples of affiliate websites.  This is a detailed look at bum marketing.  If you are wondering about whether it works or not, I currently do both of them and am pretty successful.  I can serve as a testimonial.  Go ahead and try them yourself!  Remember, everything is free so why not give it a shot.  The only thing it costs is a little bit of time.

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Free Product Samples Online – Tips & Advice

Article by Anna Teoli

For the past 2 years I’ve been getting many free product samples through the Internet from manufacturers, stores and companies. I’ve received A whole bunch of free makeup samples, designer perfumes,household products and more….

So much so that I have enough samples for some products to last a couple of years, and im not talking about cheap merchandise.

Yes, there are many true manufacturers or companies like Loreal, Dove, Walmart, Maybelline just to name a few that are extremely generous.

However there are also many fraudulent third parties or false companies that promise you free product samples or free stuff online but in reality they are after your e-mail address so they can flood you with advertisements or trick you to buy something.

Product samples are not only great freebies but also a great way to shop online because you can actually try the product before you buy it.

Here’s some tips, advice and precautions you may want to consider before requesting free products online.

1. Never and I repeat “NEVER” give them your credit card number no matter how tempting the offer may look.

If a company asks for your credit card number they will definitely find a way to charge you later on…. Product samples are supposed to be totally free and there’s no need to leave them your CC #.

2. When requesting free product samples online always use a free e-mail service such as gmail or yahoo and only give them your phone number if you know its a reputable company or manufacturer.

3. When you arrive on their samples page always read their terms & conditions before making your request.

4. Finally, If your interested in a product, don’t be shy to e-mail the company or store and ask them if you can try a sample, you’d be surprised on how many merchants offer free product samples especially in the beauty & health categories such as makeup, colognes, perfumes, vitamins and even foods.

About the Author

By Anna Teoli,if you want a list of free product samples I found this shopping blog that lists free stuff everyday http://free-product-samples.blogspot.com/