How to Make Free Money Online in Any County

How to Make Free Money Online in Any County

This article is geared towards those folks that would like to make free money online in any county.  Basically, this is a how-to on making money online no matter where you are.  The main thing of concern in this article is how to do it for free.  There are a couple ways or patterns to follow to bring total profit into your account.  These ways are to become an affiliate and to bum market.  Hopefully they will help you make free money online in any county.

To become an affiliate, you sign up at different websites (authors tag), for free, to promote their products.  These products will be something like an ebook, forum membership, or to become a member of a website.  Your job as an affiliate is to do research on those products and promote them.  This research you do is always free, unless you buy the product.  You will check out different items to find out information about the product.  This can be done on the product homepage, through Google, on Wikipedia, or any other informational resource.  Of course, if you do decide to buy the product, that will serve as the best piece of information because you can do a review page from your own perspective.  But that will cost money and we are concentrating on making free money online.  Once you have the research done the next step is to promote it.  Ways to promote include article writing (free), squidoo lens (free), build a webpage (not free), pay-per-click (not free), and USfreeAds (free).  All of these forms will help you get the product out to the public and allow you to make money online.

The second free method to make free money online in any county is to bum market.  This is the idea of marketing in a way that even a bum can do it.  Travis Sago and his wife coined this idea of marketing the bum marketing method.  There are a couple steps to do it the bum marketing way.  The first one is to sign up as an affiliate at the different websites (authors tag).  Once you sign up as an affiliate you can look over all the different products that are available.  Then you do research on those different products until you figure out which one you want to promote.  Next, you create article after article after article.  The more articles that you can create, the more promotions you can do for the product.  Then you will also create either a webpage (cost money) or sign up at squidoo and create a free page.  These free pages at squidoo are called lenses.  Once you create a lens you have a place to link your articles to.  The purpose of the lens is that now you have a place to put your affiliate links and you can send people over to buy the products.  To sum up the steps involved with the bum market method you:  become an affiliate, research and pick a product, create articles and lenses to promote that product, put your links on a webpage or on a squidoo lens that goes to the product.

Hopefully these two ways will allow you to make free money online in any county.  These are examples of affiliate websites.  This is a detailed look at bum marketing.  If you are wondering about whether it works or not, I currently do both of them and am pretty successful.  I can serve as a testimonial.  Go ahead and try them yourself!  Remember, everything is free so why not give it a shot.  The only thing it costs is a little bit of time.

Stop! Don’t toss that computer outside! I can show you how to make money online. Do not get frustrated at the internet. Instead of surfing endlessly for hours or playing on facebook/myspace/twitter learn how to make a career out of it. Here is a Top 5 List to make money online. You can also follow along with my blog at and my page

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Purchase Free prescription online pharmacy

Great News! You can purchase at free prescription online pharmacy for your online medications and we all know that an online drug is becoming more and more popular in the internet today. One of these innovations is buying online medications with free prescription.Free prescription online pharmacyis one of the cheapest and most affordable selections of online medication in today’s online pharmacies and a leading online pharmacy and information site for healthiness, beauty and wellness, personal care and online prescriptions that encourages consumers to purchase products essential to healthy everyday living. You can easily order your online meds without need of visiting to your doctor, in this way it saves your time and effort.

Free prescription online pharmacy wants our customers to trust in our pricing values and to always be able to find the cheapest prescription with best possible service. If you want to order free prescription online pharmacy from our online pharmacy, just stop by and see how quick and convenient shopping your no prescription medications can be. To avail free prescription online, just fill-up the medical questionnaire form that is provided for you, your online questionnaire will then be forwarded to assigned U.S. licensed physicians for approval or disapproval of the said questionnaires. If approved, the concern physician will then issue a prescription and it will then be forwarded to the authorized U.S. pharmacist. This will then be shipped to you through FedEx Overnight next day delivery service.

Purchased free prescription online pharmacies are paid through major credit cards. You are assured of the highest quality of protection with its secure encryption technology. It requires complete mailing address. It cannot ship to P. O. boxes as all deliveries are required to be received by an adult. You can order free prescription online pharmacies anytime day or night with its 24/7 services. You can also use our Live Help feature for a personalized assistance from our customer service staff or call us toll free at 866-441-3579. We are happy to serve you and were looking forward in helping you with all on your problems especially concerning about health issues.

Now that you learn more about purchasing online medication with free prescription online pharmacy! Visit our website for additional information at


Now that you learn more about purchasing online medication with free prescription online pharmacy! Visit our website for additional information at


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Free Product Samples Online – Tips & Advice

Article by Anna Teoli

For the past 2 years I’ve been getting many free product samples through the Internet from manufacturers, stores and companies. I’ve received A whole bunch of free makeup samples, designer perfumes,household products and more….

So much so that I have enough samples for some products to last a couple of years, and im not talking about cheap merchandise.

Yes, there are many true manufacturers or companies like Loreal, Dove, Walmart, Maybelline just to name a few that are extremely generous.

However there are also many fraudulent third parties or false companies that promise you free product samples or free stuff online but in reality they are after your e-mail address so they can flood you with advertisements or trick you to buy something.

Product samples are not only great freebies but also a great way to shop online because you can actually try the product before you buy it.

Here’s some tips, advice and precautions you may want to consider before requesting free products online.

1. Never and I repeat “NEVER” give them your credit card number no matter how tempting the offer may look.

If a company asks for your credit card number they will definitely find a way to charge you later on…. Product samples are supposed to be totally free and there’s no need to leave them your CC #.

2. When requesting free product samples online always use a free e-mail service such as gmail or yahoo and only give them your phone number if you know its a reputable company or manufacturer.

3. When you arrive on their samples page always read their terms & conditions before making your request.

4. Finally, If your interested in a product, don’t be shy to e-mail the company or store and ask them if you can try a sample, you’d be surprised on how many merchants offer free product samples especially in the beauty & health categories such as makeup, colognes, perfumes, vitamins and even foods.

About the Author

By Anna Teoli,if you want a list of free product samples I found this shopping blog that lists free stuff everyday

12 Months Free Offers

World-renowned mobile phone manufactures are offering chic model designs and feature-packed services of their mobile phones that suit the business and personal individual. The twelve month free offers come along with a new mobile phone from the leading brand manufacturers.

12 months free offers online

These offers are found with dealers and consultants online. If you are looking up dealers, you will need to study several dealer sites and make comparisons, if not you can choose a consultant to present you with the best deals that are found available online.

All about the golden 12 months free offer

Sleek models, chic designs and feature-packed applications are some of the temptations that leading mobile manufacturers place before their customers. The irresistible touch comes with the 12 month free offers. Leading mobile companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Orange and Motorola are associated with these offers as are the major networks of 3G, Vodafone, Virgin and T Mobile to name some of them. You are also the fortunate recipient of the “cash-back” terms of the contract from the online mobile dealer.

Placing the order for the 12 month free offer online

There are retailers who continue to merchandize the mobile phones and the network but savvy people get online and fill in the 12 month free offer form that is available on the dealer sites. Once submitted, these customers can expect receipt of the brand new mobile phone within three working days. The cash back terms enumerates having to submit periodic statements to the dealer and after that receiving the cash back from the mobile merchant online. This saves a customer hundreds of pounds.

Samsung F300, Samsung F400 Black and Samsung F480 Black are the popular Mobile Phone deals and these deals are available on Online Mobile Phone Shop UK.

Dharmendra Chaudhary is a Content optimiser for Chums IT Systems PVT LTD.

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The Truth About Free Offers Online

When you open your email or even a web page and see those new messages claiming you can win a 0 gift card to your favorite restaurant or store or even a laptop or Ipod, what do you do? Do you simply delete them like most folks? More than likely you do because nobody is going to just give you something for free, or are they? The truth of the matter is that these emails are most often real offers; they just require a little work on your side in order to claim the prize. There is no need for you to delete these emails if you are actually interested in the prize because they really are attainable if you just follow the details. And, what might the details be you are thinking? Keep reading!

The details vary depending on the offer at hand, but most of the time you can easily read to find out what is expected and determine if it is worth your while. Most of the websites will let you pick a particular gift, like a gift card to your favorite restaurant and then add your address so your gift card may be mailed to you. You are probably wondering what the catch is. Basically, there is a catch and there isn’t. You do receive a free gift card, just like promised, but you also must complete some offers. The number varies, but usually it is four or more. Most of the free gift offers require signing up for some kind of other offer that requires a valid credit card number. After you have met the requirements then your gift card will be sent to you free of charge.

Keep in mind that many of these websites will have several pages of offers that do not count towards the minimum number of offers for your free gift so you should always read the rules and guidelines first. There are many types of websites that offer free gifts, which are paid for by advertisers, in exchange for the completion of other offers on the site or even referrals of friends. So the next time you receive one of these emails, check it out. You just might find a few offers worth completing and receive a cool, free gift!

If you enjoy getting free stuff and don’t mind filling out an offer or two check out some of the promotional offers going on at Giveaway Central.

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Evaluating Free Offers Online

Locating free offers online can be very exciting, and for many individuals, the hunt for freebies is as fun as actually enjoying the free products themselves. There is a dark side to freebie offers, however. Many fraud artists have come to realize that pretending to offer free things is a great way to fool people into handing over private information which an be used in identity theft operations or even con them out of cold, hard cash. Staying out of harm’s way is of utmost importance when searching for free stuff online. There are some things you can do to make sure you freebie hunting only brings you first-rate offers – these common sense rules are a wonderful place to start.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The reason you have heard that so many times is that it almost always is the case. Think about the wisdom of businesses that give away free things. Corporations don’t just give away free products online because they have a guilty conscience. They want you try to their products in the hope that you will come back to them as a paying customer in the future, and for the good will of their company over all. They’re undeniably not doing it go in debt.

So think about if the free offer you just saw now makes sense. Does it make really sense that a business will give you a free bag of their new flavor of chips or a sample size jar of their new face cream? No doubt, because if you like it, you may purchase these products in the future. Now, does it make sense that a company will give you an all benefits paid, two-week first class trip to Bali for you and ten of your friends? Not so much. Too good to be true free offers online can end up costing you time and money later.

By the same standard, the more eccentric an offer sounds, the more you have to be aware of the small print. Sure the hotel chain may be willing to give you a free staycation in their beachfront hotel. The details in the offer might say that you have to consent to spend 10 hours a day at a sales seminar or that the free weekend is yours after you pay for a two week stay. One actual airline ran an offer for a free coach class airplane ticket from New York to London. The small print said you had to buy two, full price first class tickets on that same route before you could get the free one – at a cost of around ,000 per ticket. Before you jump, make sure you get all of the specifics.

Free offers that essentially require you to shell out some money are big red lights. Sometimes they are real – after all, if you are used to paying full price first class airfare, a free coach class ticket can be a real score. All this really means is that when you’re required to pay to get free stuff, you’re about to get scammed. You should never send money, even for postage, to a company that you don’t know. Also, keep an eye on the costs for things like postage even if you do know the company name. If they’re asking for postage to send you a free periodical, then you know something is up.

Lastly, beware giving out too much private information. It’s not necessary for them to have your bank account info. Protect your personal info and if you’re unsure, move on to the next freebie offer.

Keep your money in your pocket. Find the best ways to get free stuff online without getting scammed at

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Free Coupons

Article by Balbir Singh

Take the Advantage of New Technology . Free Printable Coupons on lineNow , You do not have to wait Sunday or Thursday Newspaper.

When we work hard to earn our money, why the full price for food ( and other things) pay more if you can use printable coupons online? All you need is Internet access to the computer and a printer.

There are many resources to acquire printable coupons online. Here are some of the best resources and benefits from use printable coupons online.

In order to print coupons you are required to enter your zip code and the website will literally find coupons available in your local area. How intelligent and easy is that? The steps are easy to print coupon. You download and activate their coupon printer and follow the simple instructions from there. You can also get up to coupons sent directly to your e-mail. Shopping for your favorite foods and groceries and saving money was never easier. There are many websites for free printable coupons are available .Many offer coupons for their products and exclusive printable coupons for their subscribers. Department stores offer coupons and online coupon codes offer. Some common department store coupons are Macys, The Limited, Victorias Secret, and Boscovs. Print online coupons for in-store or online coupon codes for online shopping. Restaurants offer printable restaurant coupons that can save you up to 70% on meals. Enjoy your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant or try a new restaurant. Knowing that I have a coupon to use on your meal makes experience even more fun.

Name brand coupons are available for print online and you do not have to give up your quality of food in order to take advantage of savings. They are not only able, food of your choice, now you save also buy. In times of inflated prices this is a simple and smart way to save more of your money.

Print Free Grocery Coupons , Free Stuff For Babies from Nane Brand Companise, Free Dating SitesFree Coupons “”OK to print”,”printable coupons are now a whole new revolution in how consumers obtain and use discounts. Companies are quickly realizing that less and less people are engaging in media sources which had customarily been the main avenue for customers to receive coupons. Advances in technology such as Internet, e-mail and cell phones, companies have started directly with their customers by offering them the possibility of saving money through the form of printable coupons. Many companies have created rewards programs which direct their customers to sign up via their e-mail address, which in turn gives the companies the ability to send out mass e-mails which include coupons. Print Free Grocery Coupons , Free Stuff For Babies from Name Brand Companies.Free Coupons ” In the foreseeable future companies will stop relying on customary sources of coupon distribution such as newspapers and magazines. We can see now that the company now that their customers prefer to read coupons directly to the checkout on their phone to the right.

About the Author

I mostly believe in Organic , Natural and Herbal base Products, (not in all situation) that I used most of the time in my life. I believe in this modern world we should take the advantage of our modern technology as well .

overview of products in my home
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Free Coupons, Online Coupons, Discount Coupons

In promotion a coupon is a voucher or paper that can be exchanged for a financial discount or return when purchasing a product. Customarily, coupons are issued by manufacturers of customer packaged goods or by retailers, to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions.


In other cases a coupon code is provided, to use these coupons, you will need to enter the coupon code during the checkout process. Just look for a box during the checkout process labeled coupon code, promotional codes, promotion codes, discount codes, key codes, promo codes, shopping codes, voucher codes or source codes.


Coupons are not just for the grocery store. Free online coupons can save you money without the effort to cut or print out the coupons. Simply use to compare prices and search coupons for the products you need and then click to visit the store. In many cases, all you need to do to use the coupons is click on the coupon link. Saving money has never been easier.


Free Coupons:

Free online coupons are an easy method to save a lot of money. Most people don’t think about using printable free coupons at the grocery store though, because they don’t understand how the process works.

Online free coupons are one of the easiest types of discounts to use, because you simply need to locate the coupon you would like to use. Online free coupons can be located in several places: usually they are on a coupon website or the manufacturers’ website like

coupons fair

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Get Free Coupons Online – Win Unlimited Prizes

Join our free newsletter & you can save up to 30% when you use our coupon codes!

We search over 10,000 merchant emails each month so you don’t have to.

We provide a comprehensive directory of brand name free samples, printable grocery coupons, online coupons, free stuff and freebies, and other discounts and deals so that consumers can save money on products they already buy and sample and discuss which products are right for them and their family.

Who doesn’t want free samples? Large and small companies alike offer free samples to give consumers a chance to sample both their new and traditional product lines.

Major brands conduct continual online free sample campaigns because they know that online sampling works. Not only do online free samples get consumers to try their products, but it is also very successful in raising brand awareness. Previous studies from large brands that conduct frequent sampling campaigns show that, even though online free sample campaigns can be four to five times more expensive than local sampling campaigns, they are eight to ten times more effective. They put their product in front of the target consumer, they raise brand awareness through the campaign promotion, and they provide valuable consumer information that traditional in-store sampling campaigns do not.

There are thousands of offers on the internet for free stuff and freebies, from bumper stickers and pens, free downloads and software, to promotional and education DVDs and print materials. Finding these offers is not always easy. Free stuff and freebies are such broad terms that using a search engines returns a barrage of random results that anyone could spend days trying to sort out.

Speak your mind and chat with other members in our community forums. Members rate and discuss different products that they have sampled, share their experiences, pictures, money saving tips, and have some fun.

Topics of discussion include free samples, coupons, free stuff, shopping, housemaking, family, and just about anything else.     Free Samples, Free Stuff, Freebies and Coupons Forums

Enjoy our huge selection of free coupons: grocery coupons for your weekly shopping, online coupons and coupon codes for internet shopping, printable coupons, restaurant vouchers and coupons, and in store coupons and discount coupons from your favorite local stores!     Coupons

Printable coupons are widely available today online. Each year, as internet presence grows, more and more consumers are taking advantage of online printable coupons to save money at their local groceries, restaurants, and favorite retailers. An increasing number of retailers is using printable coupons as a way to meet the needs of today’s consumers by better serving their customers and promoting sales.

Printable coupons make sense for brands, retailers, and consumers by taking advantage of new online technologies that can deliver coupons daily to targeted consumers at a fraction of the cost of that of traditional offline print coupons. In addition, new technologies make printable coupons simple and safe, decrease fraud, and help providers track coupon usage back to the campaign and individual level. These new technologies target consumers by geographic location and interest and have increased redemption values dramatically, benefiting consumer, merchant, and manufacturer.

Large traditional coupon providers have, over the past few years, made it easy for manufacturers and retailers to setup online printable coupons and easy for merchants to redeem them. And websites like make it easy for consumers to access and print to these free printable coupons from any computer connected to the internet.

Enjoy our huge selection of brand name printable grocery coupons, restaurant vouchers and coupons, and coupons for your favorite local stores! Read More »

Over the past ten years, printable grocery coupons have been becoming popular as an easy way for most consumers to save money. Today, consumers can easily find and print grocery coupons for their favorite brand name products and local stores that they frequent. In addition to helping consumers save on their favorite products, discount grocery coupons also encourage them to try new products and brands while saving money.

Though online grocery coupons are not accepted in every store, most major retailers and chains now accept printable grocery coupons, such as Wal-Mart, Publix, Albertsons, Safeway, Kroger, Whole Foods, Target and Winn-Dixie. Many times, a store’s refusal to accept printable grocery coupons is just a matter of a clerk or local store not being aware of corporate policy to accept them, which is often remedied by contacting the stores management or corporate headquarters.

Coupon portals like offer a large variety of online coupons, including hundreds of printable grocery coupons. Local retailers, grocerers, and companies also often feature their brands printable grocery coupons on their web sites for their customers to take advantage of.

Are you saving money each time you visit your grocery store? Check out our selection of printable grocery coupons and start to save money today.

Save at hundreds of online stores with online coupons, discount coupon codes, free shipping, rebates, and discount shopping links. Use the Online Coupons section to save at stores like Target, Walmart, JC Penney, Macys and hundreds of other online merchants.

Today’s internet consumers are always looking for a deal and online coupons are more popular than ever. There are over a million searches for coupons on alone each month. A simple search returns results for thousands of online coupons: everything from printable coupons to online coupon codes for discounts and free shipping.

Deals and coupons are often scattered across the internet, lurking among pages of search results and in old forum and blog posts. Coupon sites, comparison shopping engines, auction sites, and large retailers provide ways for users to compare products, reviews, and prices to find the best deals. And large coupon portals like bring together the different varieties of online coupons and organize them in a way that makes it easier for users by dividing coupons into sections for printable grocery coupons, online coupon codes and links, restaurant coupons, and local retail coupons and deals.

With more and more consumers turning to the internet to do their shopping it only makes sense that retailers and manufacturers shift their focus from traditional print coupon promotions to online coupons that can be directly marketed to those consumers interested in their products and services. Take advantage of these offers to save money from our online coupons section.

Save at hundreds of online stores with online coupons, discount coupon codes, free shipping, rebates, and discount shopping links. Use the Online Coupons section to save at stores like Target, Walmart, JC Penney, Macys and hundreds of other online merchants.

Coupon codes are promotional keys that retailers provide to shoppers to take advantage of a particular promotional offering. For example, an online store offers their return customers free shipping on their next order if they type in FREESHIP2 in the discount code box at checkout. Coupon codes are not just limited to free shipping coupons, but also include discount coupon codes, two-for-one offers, free samples, rebates, and any nearly every other deal that an online retailer can offer.

Unlike traditional printable coupons that are offered by manufacturers and redeemable at all stores that carry their products, coupon codes are generally offered from a particular retailer for shopping done exclusively at their store. Manufacturer coupons persuade consumers to purchase a particular brand or product, while coupon codes encourage consumers to shop at a particular online retailer. For those who prefer to shop at particular online retailer or are just shopping around at various online retailers, coupon codes are a great way to save money shopping online.

Through websites such as, online shoppers can search for online coupon codes by category or by retailer. And if a consumer knows what and where they want to buy something, a quick search for a coupon code for that store may end up getting them 10% off or free shipping on their order.

Save money on products and services by taking advantage of the largest selection of discount coupons on the Internet. Read More »

Discount coupons are an easy way for consumers to save money on the products and services that they use. Until recently, discount coupons were associated with coupon clipping: the tedious task of searching newspapers, coupon mailers, and grocery circulars, cutting out the coupons that you may use, and then trying to maintain some sort of organization to incorporate them into your shopping routine. The idea of a single source that provided all of a consumer’s discount coupons has only come with new internet technologies.

Now, on coupon portal websites such as, consumers have access to wide varieties of free discount coupons that come from various coupon sources – from printable grocery coupons, to online coupon codes and discount links and local service and restaurant coupons. Consumers can now take advantage of coupon codes and discount links for online shopping, and printable coupons for grocery shopping, local retailers, and entertainment, and do it all from their personal computer and without having to pick up a pair of scissors. Each year, as online discount coupons become more available online and more mainstream, an increasing number of consumers are incorporating them into their shopping routines to save money and you can too. Have a look at our discount coupons section.

Are you using free coupons yet? Why not? Coupons are free and they save you money. There are no more excuses not to be using free coupons. You don’t need a pair of scissors to use coupons anymore. Anyone with a computer with internet access can access thousands of free coupons through search engines, coupon websites, and money saving forums and blogs. Just about anyone can find a free coupon for something that they already shop for or need to purchase: an item at the grocery store, a discount to save money on local entertainment, or a free shipping coupon from your favorite online store.


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How to get Free Stuff on the Internet

Article by Michael Hastings

I am obsessed with getting free stuff, and have been searching high and low now for several days, trying to figure out how to obtain free stuff on the internet. I have realized that it is not as easy as going to a internet search engine and entering the word “free stuff”. Part of the problem, is that I am only interested in truly free stuff. Free stuff such as free samples, free memberships, free image hosting, free car rentals, free airline tickets, free subscriptions, free food and free travel. So, my internet search allowed me to find several websites which purport to offer free stuff, but actually are nothing more than afiliate marketing sites who use a bait and switch method of offering something for free, but only after you have purchased another item. This is not a free item, it is merely just a discount. I only want free items, so these types of promotions do not fit my criteria.

So now you must be asking me then, “where is the best place to find free stuff on the internet?”

First, I must offer an explanation to you on why companies give away free stuff, and this may help you gear up a campaign to collect as much free stuff as possible.

Most free stuff given away by businesses and marketing companies are solely used as promotions for products and services, which they want you, the consumer, to buy at a later date. When these businesses give away their products through samples, they usually will ask for your mailing information and/or e-mail address. This is so they can promote other merchandise to you through these means.

Now back to “where is the best place possible to find free stuff.” The internet has a wealth of information on obtaining free stuff and a collection of websites that are somewhat expert in providing links to merchandisers who are offering free stuff. I will leave it to you to research which ones are best for your needs, based upon their registration requirements, applicable surveys or contest which you may have to participate in.

About the Author

Michael Hastings is the principle of (dot)free Media, a Business Consulting Group and Webmaster for Cheapwads, a blog which is building the world’s largest repository of Free Articles and Free Product Reviews. See them at

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Dynamic and more videos in the Fast Cash category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Free—it’s the f-word that everybody loves to hear. There’s no reason you can’t start hearing it more often. To complete this How-To you will need: Internet access A phone Spare time Determination A burning desire to get things without paying for them Step 1: Find free samples Visit the web sites of your favorite brands, and see what offers and giveaways they’re running. If they have no freebies listed, give their consumer hotline a call and ask for samples—companies often have stacks ready to mail out. Step 2: Volunteer for students Many cosmetology, dental, and accounting schools require their students to gain real-life experience by providing free services to the public. Find schools in your area and inquire about no-charge services. You may feel like a guinea pig at times, but students are always supervised. And nothing beats the price. Step 3: Take online surveys If you have an opinion and some spare time, there are hundreds of sites willing to shower you with free stuff in return for filling out marketing surveys. You’ll rack up points that are redeemable for electronics, appliances, and gift cards. Type “online surveys rewards
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