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Benefit 3: PHASE 1. 

“World’s Greatest Hotel & Travel Program!”

In Your Members Area on the Left Side Icons 

Under Benefits at the Bottom, You Can Get 

Some of the Best Deals in the World on 

~ Hotels & Travel.


$10 PHASE 1 Member Level-Up
$10 Phase includes:
“Savings Programs, Training, Website and Support”

“World’s Greatest Travel Program”
“Save up to 70% OFF 400,000 Hotels Worldwide”

Notice From MFnet1 Enterprises;  

The Save up to 70% OFF on Hotels  is UNDER Investigation  by Me. I Sent an Email to Admin to Clarify if There is Indeed an Savings from 50% & up to 70% Off!?  

For Example I did a Search Departing Calgary Int. Airport Calgary Alberta to Ottawa Int. Airport Ottawa Ontario to see if There are Saving of up to at Least 50% or More. There Was NONE!

For Flight, Hotel, & Car Rental, There were No Results Applicable!  

Hopefully I Will Receive an “POSITIVE” Answer Reply from the Admin.  < Answer & Reply Received! Admin Reply;

   “You’re about to access some of the best Hotel Deals in the World…

Up to 50% OFF of what public sites like and Expedia charge!

In some cities, you’ll find 10%, 20% or 30% OFF and sometimes you may

even find a special deal up to 70% OFF!!!

Note, this service is generally sold for $300 or more a year, however we

have included it in your Phase 1 Membership… so get excited.”

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 Benefit 4: PHASE 2: 

 “Better than TimeShare, Amazing Condo Program!”

In your Members Area on the Left Side Icons 

Under Benefits at the Bottom, You Can Get Some 

of the Best Deals in the World on  ~ CONDOS. 

Others Pay $20,000 for a Time-Share. 

You don’t have to! 

While Others Spend $1,500 a Week on a Nice 

Condo, You can get Unlimited Condo Weeks 

for as Little as $399 per Week. Average 

Savings is $500 to $1000 per Vacation ~ WoW!.  

{ Notice Here;

This Product/Service is Still under Development & Not Launched Yet! }

 There Are up to 10 Fantastic Products/Services That Are Under Development to be Added & Launched Before or by June/2017! So, MORE Products/Services Are Pending.  There Are Quite a Few Available NOW!  – We Will See How the My1DollarBusiness Grows & Progresses!  So…


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The Below is an Actual My1Dollarbusiness Testimonial & FRESH as

From the First Friday the 13th of 2017  (Friday/01/13th/2017)

& From an Actual Member!

 New Testimonial just in from a Phase 1 Member:

“Good day! I wasn’t sure where I should send this,
and I don’t normally do testimonials, but this
just couldn’t be helped.

Using the Phase 1 Benefit of Hotel & Travel:
We needed a near last minute hotel close to
Washington, DC during Inauguration week.

((Near impossible to begin with!))

However, I decided to visit our Hotel and Travel
Membership through My1DollarBusiness, and found
a hotel 23 minutes outside DC. Free wifi,
Free parking, and free breakfast with our
room of only $84! (This is all fees and tax included!)

I looked into the “usual cost” of this same room
at the same hotel for the very same night and
very same benefits — $183. Wow – a $99 savings!”

Needless to say, I am super pleased, and I
thank you, C. Barton and the family God bless!”

{ Notice From MFnet1 Enterprises;

The U.S. President Trump’s Inauguration is Over But the Above Example is Still Valid! }

Signed-up as From; Thursday/ April / 13th / 2017 into

{ }

The Membership is

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“Is TigerStream legal?
Absolutely! It is not legal for you to record and upload or download protected content, however because of Net Neutrality, it is 100% legal to stream content that exists on the Internet.”

My Input & What I Know Through my Checking into “If-?” These Devises Are Legal or Illegal Within Canada;  Perhaps, & Maybe & May also be Quite Risky!? It is Illegal to  Gain Access to Copyrighted TV Programing Even in Online Streaming Mode to Bypass the Cable Companies TV Programing Access That Would be Offered Through Their Own TV Set top Cable Boxes.

However Offers Quite a Few Other Interesting & Beneficial Products. Check Them All out Today! Bottom-line, it’s 

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