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Enough is ENOUGH!!!

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This Webpage is Created to Combat ALL the

Scam Alert



Joined & Activated Because of the Hype!

Danger ~ SCAM in Progress



Is a SCAM Due to the FACT Below;

WholeWorld.Biz Does NOT Reply to Their Members Support Tickets That Are
Submitted/Issued to Them Within a Reasonable Time.  A Reasonable Time
Would be Within 48hrs or Less! It Takes Them 1 Week or Longer or NO
Reply at ALL!!!! Support is UNREACHABLE or Simply Does NOT EXIST!

Also They Provide NO FACTUAL Who Runs & Maintains WholeWorld.Biz With NO Professional Support Submitting Ticket(s) System.  They Provide a Lame Submit a Support Ticket Form With NO Way of Tracking Your Submitted Support ticket!

And if Members Use Landlined Phones Only, & Enter a Wrong Phone Number. You Will NEVER Receive There SMS Varification Code. This Code Goes to the Wrong Number! Try Contacting Support, Refer to the Above!

The Big Lie

Generally & Overall MLM & Network Marketing Are SCAMS! Read Below;

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YES it is a SCAM & the BIG LIES!

The Below Are Just a Few of the Online SCAM Offer Income Opportunities That Are Reviewed & Listed by the SCAM Busting Website Below!


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 The Admins & the Creator’s Use Websites That Are VERY “CON”vincing  Splash Pages &/or Videos That are Based on Hype & FRAUD & are Very Deceptive. Not Based on FACTS & Honesty!

Do NOT be FOOLED by There Intro Videos, Only Current Members are After Their Sales Commissions ONLY! They Do Not Care That These Offers Are Based on Fraud & Empty LIES!

You Can Visit there Fraudulent  Videos &  Websites. But However Do NOT Join Them at ALL!!!  And…

Causion~Enter at Your Own Risk

To These Online Income Opportunity Offers! Their Introductory Videos are VERY Professional & “CON’vincing! Regardless They Do NOT Deliver as They Advertise & Their Product(s) Are Very Likely None Existent!

They Claim to offer Online Support or Automated Passive Income Solution to the Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & Other Similar Offers. They Claim to Offer the “Magic Cure” For Promoting, Adverting, Marketing Your Membership Passively!

Up to This Date, I Have Not Discovered Any Online Traffic, Promoting Offer That is NOT a SCAM!

In Actuality, There is NO Cure!

Don't Be Fooled


These Scammers also Use ALL of the Top & Popular Network Marketing & Income Opportunity Offers Online to Entice & “CON”vince You into Purchasing These FAKE Offers & Promising You FAKE Results !


If Your Interested For an Unbiased Honest Review Towards an Online Income Opportunity or Website, Visit Below;


Goes to: EthanVanderbuilt.com

And Another One Here;


Goes to:  Internet Crime Fighters Org

Danger ~ SCAM in ProgressAlso Don’t be Fooled by These Type of Offers Such as “Posting Free Ads & Earning $100” ~ Really!?

View Their Offers & Enter at Your Own Risk, But Don’t be Fooled by Their Fancy Website(s) & Graphics.

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Please Refer to Image Below the BullShit-O-Meter!




Hall of Shame

Yes, I Tried & Tested These Sites Too… and Got Either Very Little
For the Price, or NOTHING at All.


etraffic911.com   viralcycler.com   2muchtraffic.com

sokulesubmit.com  it10bucks.com

cashrallygps.com    WholeWorld.Biz



I Scan & DELETE Most of my Received Emails, But Open & Read Some Emails That May be of Tangible & Credible interest . With Many Years of Experience I Use Extreme Caution With Reviewing & Opening Emails!


So  Therefore MOST  of the Ads Are Credible SCAMS! ~ I KNOW!

Scams-and-victimsBe  A Victim Yourself!

MFnet1 Enterprises Has Tried Them ALL ( or MOST of Them ), & I Have Upgraded Within MOST of Them & They ALL Have Failed to Deliver as They Promise & Advertise Within Their Websites. Regardless of ALL the FAKE Promises & FAKE Testimonials!

Fake Alert Frusterated




Fake People TestimonialsFAKE Member Testimonials & Results Indicated!

Bull Shit O-Meter

Scammer Thief

Scam Attension

I am So Upset, That I Feel Like Doing This

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to ALL of the

Online Scammer

Be on the ALERT ~ Don’t Get SCAMMED!


Cop Stop With Hand


This is Just to Let You Know,  Do Your Own Online Research Before Becoming Involved Within Any MLM Network Marketing Offers ! Now That You Know, the Choice is Yours!

Another Further

The Below is WHY I Screen MOST of my In-Coming Phone Calls. If the Phone Call is Unanimous With No Caller ID, I Don’t Answer IT – PERIOD!

I Do Receive on Average up to 5 SPAM Phone Calls per Day! Sometimes a Little Less, But Averages up to 5!

So, it’s Very Unlikely They Will SCAM Me!


If the Phone Call is Serious, They Can Leave a Message & I will Return Their Phone Call!  

The Below is Titled as; 

“Can You Hear Me?” Scam!

For the Full Information, Click Below; 

Thanks to; EthanVanderbuilt.com

Newest SCAM Trend For 2017!

According to BehindMLM.com Scam Reporting Blog;

There Are FAR too Many Bitcoin SCAMS & There Are One or  Two Being Launched Everyday! And ALL of Them or the VAST Majority of Them Involve the Ponzi / Cash Gifting Scheme.

 This is Just to Let You Know!

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