Free Product Samples Online – Tips & Advice

Article by Anna Teoli

For the past 2 years I’ve been getting many free product samples through the Internet from manufacturers, stores and companies. I’ve received A whole bunch of free makeup samples, designer perfumes,household products and more….

So much so that I have enough samples for some products to last a couple of years, and im not talking about cheap merchandise.

Yes, there are many true manufacturers or companies like Loreal, Dove, Walmart, Maybelline just to name a few that are extremely generous.

However there are also many fraudulent third parties or false companies that promise you free product samples or free stuff online but in reality they are after your e-mail address so they can flood you with advertisements or trick you to buy something.

Product samples are not only great freebies but also a great way to shop online because you can actually try the product before you buy it.

Here’s some tips, advice and precautions you may want to consider before requesting free products online.

1. Never and I repeat “NEVER” give them your credit card number no matter how tempting the offer may look.

If a company asks for your credit card number they will definitely find a way to charge you later on…. Product samples are supposed to be totally free and there’s no need to leave them your CC #.

2. When requesting free product samples online always use a free e-mail service such as gmail or yahoo and only give them your phone number if you know its a reputable company or manufacturer.

3. When you arrive on their samples page always read their terms & conditions before making your request.

4. Finally, If your interested in a product, don’t be shy to e-mail the company or store and ask them if you can try a sample, you’d be surprised on how many merchants offer free product samples especially in the beauty & health categories such as makeup, colognes, perfumes, vitamins and even foods.

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By Anna Teoli,if you want a list of free product samples I found this shopping blog that lists free stuff everyday http://free-product-samples.blogspot.com/